$350 rental * excludes tax & delivery

16 ft Diagonal Screen

                          Have a bounce house party during the day and then have a night in  your backyard with the whole family. Invite some friends over and add some popcorn. This is the perfect way to spend a Saturday night. 

                                       $350.00 for the Movie screen, speakers and projector

                          $400.00 for the Movie equipment and popcorn machine serves 50 people

            $550.00 for the movie screen, speakers, projector, popcorn machine and 15*15 bounce house

Film Licensing

In order to show a copyrighted movie either indoors or outdoors to the
general public, a film license is required. However, if an indoor or outdoor movie is being hosted for family and friends on your own personal property, a film license is NOT required.

If the movie is being viewed in any other setting besides a private residence we will be glad to help you obtain a film license for the movie you would like to show. Arrangments will be made at time of booking the movie equipment.

Movie Screen Rental 

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